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The Story

As a native Texan, Chris Elley has always measured roadtrips by Whataburger stops, typically alternating between a Whataburger combo and a chocolate shake.  He loves Whataburger ketchup on road trips so much that he invented a way to safely stabilize the revered condiment for all passengers to enjoy in any vehicle with a cup holder.

An average Whataburger drive-thru has about 420 feet of glorious, smooth pavement, but it connects to roughly 22 billion feet of brutal, unforgiving road with all sorts of unexpected stops, go’s, dips, curves and bumps.

The patent-pending Whatasauce holder perfectly balances Whataburger ketchup, or even its beautifully round brethren such as Honey BBQ and Buffalo.

It's Time

After hundreds of miles of successful, real-world prototype use across the roads of Texas, the Whatasauce holder is ready to come home to Whataburger. The Whatasauce promises to be a one-of-a-kind intellectual property never seen in the American restaurant industry and clamoring to get into the hands, uh... cup holders... of Whataburger fans.


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Chris Elley & Cile Spelce Elley

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