Brand Refreshes

Reignite excitement for your brand.

Every so often, it's pays to remind the world you exist and you're awesome.  It's the perfect opportunity to energize previous customers and attract new ones.

Electro-Fish re-imagines your brand while staying perfectly true to its core beliefs.  We:

  • Evaluate what does and does not work perfectly right now from an audience standpoint
  • Determine what the audience 'thinks' you are with respect to what you think you are
  • Reconcile your brand's past, current reality and your goals for the future
  • Reveal & highlight the core passions of your organization

Every case is unique, but some of the possible adjustments include:

  • Revised name
  • Revised logo
  • Revised tagline
  • Revised definition of core audience
  • Revised (often narrowed) statement of essential intent
  • Revised marketing and communications plan
  • Media-worthy events

Here are a couple examples:



Formerly "Zoo of Acadiana," Electro-Fish re-imagined this unique family-run zoo in Louisiana.  The new public identity brought a great deal of attention and positioned the zoo as a state-level destination rather than a regional destination.  An entire line of fun merchandise is unfolding as well.


Learning by Heart Campaign | Schreiner University

In an effort to reach new audiences with a more authentic feel than campaigns earlier in its history, Schreiner University and agency Briscoe Hall looked to Electro-Fish.  The result is an EMMY-winning television campaign that has paid huge dividends through recruitment and an elevated profile for the university.