Pop-Culture Projects

Fin(ger) on the pulse of the culture

It takes an awful lot of creativity and practice to consistently reach audiences for our clients.  That's why Electro-Fish keeps our chops sharp by producing projects that reflect different segments of our culture.

Every success we have in pop culture and creativity is directly translated back into the quality of work we can deliver to our clients.

Here are just a few Electro-Fish pop culture projects:

View trailer below. Or watch full episodes at official site.

View trailer below. Or watch full episodes at official site.

Friday Night Tykes

The EMMY-nominated Friday Night Tykes franchise is back for its 4th and 2nd seasons in Texas and Pennsylvania ("Steel Country") respectively.  Welcome to the toughest youth football in America. This intense docu-series follows youth football players, their coaches and parents, looking to earn elite football status while learning invaluable lessons about life. 

From Electro-Fish, Texas Crew Productions and 441 Productions for NBC's USA NETWORK and ESQUIRE NETWORK.  Learn more about the history of the project here. Catch new episodes on USA Network and binge watch all the previous seasons on Netflix.


Mumford & Sons - This Train is Bound for Glory

Ingredients for a good time:

  • Mumford & Sons
  • Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros
  • Old Crow Medicine Show
  • A Classic Train
  • Acoustic Instruments
  • Woodie Guthrie Song

Electro-Fish had the pleasure of working with our friend Jeff Roe of Outlaw Laboratories who directed and edited this piece for MTV's The O Music Awards.

Alabama Shakes

These guys are everywhere now. It was Electro-Fish's honor to work with Outlaw Lab's Jeff Roe to shoot the insanely talented Alabama Shakes for MTV at a pivotal moment in their career... on the very cusp of massively blowing up. MTV's The O Music Awards.


An oldie but goodie... how can you possibly compare to traversing Texas for thousands of miles to make a documentary film about everything barbecue.

As the DVD box says: No other place in the world looks, smells or tastes quite like Texas. Tour the Lone Star State for an unbelievable look at its colorful people and their fasciation and obsession with barbecue.  This EMMY-nominated Electro-Fish film narrated by Governor Ann Richards enjoys a shelf life comparable to the cuisine it highlights.  Even after its 10th anniversary, it continues to be screened around the world.

2004 Electro-Fish Film.  SXSW Premiere. EMMY-Nomination - Outstanding Achievement in Documentary, Cultural.  Learn more about the perpetual ramifications of this film here.

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Guns, the family jewels in a mason jar, and living in a bus without an engine…  life couldn’t be better for the real-life offbeat citizens of Texas’ Terlingua Ghost Town.  Once an epicenter for mining, the remote desert town is a literal shell of its former self.  Naturally, it’s the final stop for those fleeing modern society and seeking ultimate freedom of personal expression.  Join the residents of Terlingua for just 24 hours, and they’ll not only make you laugh; they’ll make you wonder who’s right about this thing we call “life."  Narrated by James McMurtry.

In loving memory of everyone's friend, Glenn Felts.  2005 Electro-Fish Film.  EMMY Award - Outstanding Achievement in Documentary, Cultural.  Learn more about the history of the project here.  Or buy a DVD.

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