Product & Service Launches

When it's time to let the world know...

It's the normal course of business and innovation:

  1. Identify a problem
  2. Pour in your heart & soul into solving the problem
  3. Get the world to take notice

Electro-Fish is here to resolve #3.

We use a refined process to:

  • Establish a genuine brand for the product or service
  • Distill down the authentic core message of the brand
  • Creatively deliver that core message to your specific audience

Here are a couple examples:


MAP Processor launch | SRC Computers

When SRC Computers launched their MAP Processor, they tapped Electro-Fish to tell the story behind it's creation. 


Gilbert Tuhabonye | Explore God

Electro-Fish was asked to create templates for real-life testimonials told in a compelling, authentic way.  These established a style for the brand that emerged as "Explore God." In this example, genocide-survivor and runner Gilbert Tuhabonye connects his love for running to God's miraculous sparing of his life in an unimaginable situation.


Get Lost in Loudoun | VisitLoudoun

For years, we've been working with VisitLoudoun to promote Loudoun County, Virginia just outside of Washington, DC. Electro-Fish has produced dozens of branded documentaries throughout the county. In this particular project, we produced a docu competition series that led four competitors across Loudoun, doing everything from whitewater rafting to pottery-making. View the GET LOST IN LOUDOUN trailer to the left, or visit the official web site for full episodes.



After a successful launch, SRC again approached Electro-Fish to tell their story. This time through animation.