Join Us

We're constantly on the lookout for great talent who would fit well in the Electro-Fish bowl.

Given the range of subjects we work on, we utilize the most talented people in the business on a per-project, freelance basis.  We develop long-term relationships that allow us to provide the very best experience to our clients.

Just as important as talent is an optimistic outlook and excellent people skills.

We receive a lot of inquiries, so it's only fair to let you know how the system works:

  • You send us your resume, links/explanations of work and a meaningful cover letter to (always be specific about what tasks you performed on the linked work)
  • If you qualify, we add you to our database of folks interested in joining the family.  We keep that database by discipline. As projects scale up, we reach out
  • Sometimes, we'll have an urgent need and you'll hear from us immediately
  • We'll throw a small event at Ausitn Studios on occasion and invite interested folks by particular groups that make sense to us, so people can get a chance to meet and mingle
  • If you haven't submitted in awhile and you took a significant step up in your experience or work, feel free to reach out again with fresh material.  We wait to match the right projects with the right people and that always takes time

What Positions Are You Looking For?

The creative nature of our business takes us into virtually every medium, but clearly we spend a lot of time in motion media. We recommend you familiarize yourself with our company and then let us know the types of roles and projects in which you excel.

How Do I Get a Leg Up?

Just be yourself. Ultimately, we're looking for authentic people who would be a great representation of Electro-Fish when working with our clients and interacting with all the other people necessary to achieve a project.

Do You Have an Intern Program?

The answer depends on the projects on our plate that semester. We've had semesters with and semesters without. When we can accommodate interns, we do.  Feel free to submit and knock our socks off.  All internships require academic credit. If you don't qualify for academic credit, apply as a paid production assistant.




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