Who couldn't love this face?

Gotta Love It

At Electro-Fish Thought and Motion we like to use something called The 90% Rule to make sure our clients get the very best from us. We didn't make up the rule (we heard it from "Essentialism" writer Greg Mckeown), but we certainly like it. Here's how it works for us when considering a project:

  • We learn everything we possibly can about the project and the people associated with it
  • We give the project a grade of 0-100 (just like in school) based on our compatibility with and overall love for the project
  • A grade of 90 or better = We accept the project
  • A grade of 89 or below = We pass
  • No gray area

This isn't always the easiest rule to live by, but it certainly pays off in the long-run for everyone involved.

By following this formula, we can assure that we will do inspired work for every one of our clients and projects, as we won't be overwhelmed by projects that we don't love.  It's win-win.