What became one of the most talked about television shows of the 2014 season began while Electro-Fish principals Chris Elley & Cile Spelce watched their young nephew play a peewee football game in 2009 while being coached by Doug Elley, a former Army Ranger.  Chris and Cile were immediately struck by how impressive and advanced the whole operation was.  Doug then recommended they check out the Texas Youth Football Association (TYFA), known by many as the most competitive youth football league in the country.

TYFA was indeed impressive.  Electro-Fish reached out to their friends at Texas Crew who have more sports EMMYs than you can count, and the combined team set out to produce a documentary feature.  Through the process of things, that feature instead became an idea for a documentary television series and 441 Productions (of World Series of Poker fame) joined the circle.  The series was picked up by the new Esquire Network (NBC family of networks) and would go on to set a several viewing records, sparking a national discussion about youth sports.