Digital Fasts

No one should check email here.

Email and texting are arguably necessary evils of our modern world.  Our hats go off to the Luddites out there who have figured out a way to exist entirely without email or texting. That's not us... but we have found that sometimes taking a break can do wonders for your ability to generate fresh ideas. 

This is why Electro-Fish Thought & Motion sometimes goes on digital fasts. We turn off the computer and self-impose a no-texting rule.  You'll be amazed at what can grow out of such solace.

If you're our client, you benefit from great new ideas and a sense of renewal from our creative team.  And don't worry, if you really need to talk to us during a digital fast, we still answer that anachronistic communication method... the voice phone call.

Wanna test us? Contact us now.