Creative Discipline

As one of our core principles, Electro-Fish Thought & Motion puts great stock in Creativity in all its forms. Our team members often embark on creative exercises and activities to keep the brain muscles in shape so we can best serve our clients.  These activities can result in:

  • Creative and strategic breakthroughs for our client projects
  • Spinoffs of completely new ideas
  • Pure creative output that re-energizes our team for its next assignment
  • Seeds for ideas that will sprout during a future project

These efforts can range from new inventions to outings to experimenting with a new medium.  The point is that creative problems require creative solutions, and the inspiration for those solutions can be hiding in the most unexpected places.  

We're not exactly sure what's happening here.

Much like an athlete, it is our business responsibility as creative professionals to keep our brains in a healthy place or we risk tanking our entire business model.


Self-Generated New Business

One of our favorite past times is using our creative activities to generate brand new ideas which a client whom we don't yet know doesn't even know they need.  That was a mouthful.  In other words - anyone could get a call from Electro-Fish any day, because in the course of a creative exercise we stumbled onto the perfect idea that happens to perfectly advance their goal.

This could be literally any type of idea or product.

Very often, it materializes in the form of motion projects. That's what happened with the hit TV series FRIDAY NIGHT TYKES.  The original idea arose when Electro-Fish principals Chris Elley and Cile Spelce decided to see what would happen if they filmed their nephew playing a peewee football game (that seems like an odd notion, but we don't really discriminate when it comes odd ideas). We were immediately impressed. The game and coaching was far more advanced than we expected and there was passion everywhere. This led to discussions with Chris' brother (the coach) and his referring us to the Texas Youth Football Association. Before we knew it, Electro-Fish was joined by our Sports EMMY-winning friends at Texas Crew and a documentary feature film was born... we thought.  With time and the addition of 441 Productions (famous for WORLD SERIES OF POKER) the project morphed into a TV docu series and ultimately became the hit it is today.

So be it an art project, a song, an invention or outing, our job is to visualize the world differently and then show that to someone else.  We love our job.

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