Calls to Action

Send in the special teams.

When the stakes are high, clients turn to Electro-Fish as a Special Teams Unit with a very specific objective.  It's usually a goal that is so critical that an in-house team would not have the time, capability or resources to tackle it.  This could range from raising a massive amount of capital to spiking membership to gaining approval by a group or government entity.

In these cases, Electro-Fish is brought in to focus solely on achieving the objective.  We have an extremely-refined process that will allow us to achieve the following:

  • Determine how to reach the highest value audience
  • Understand the wants, desires and concerns of that audience
  • Identify the genuine core beliefs and passions held by the client that will best resonate with the specific audience
  • Emotionally and compellingly convey the genuine core beliefs and passions in a creative and authentic way

Every case is unique, but some of the possible actions include

  • Executive speech coaching
  • Brand-driven short films
  • Media coaching
  • Revised (often narrowed) statement of essential intent
  • Employee authentic message training
  • Revised marketing and communications plan
  • Media-worthy events

Here are a couple examples:


Campaign for Texas | 
University of Texas at Austin / GSD&M

Rather than deliver the traditional fundraising video of scripted talking heads, Electro-Fish authentically interviewed leaders in UT's efforts, as well as visionary community leaders and donors. Through a very intensive process we tapped into the real motivations and passions of those involved. This piece was a landmark in UT's successful effort to raise more than $3 Billion in capital funding.


Spring for the Water | Gazelle Foundation

Electro-Fish traveled with Gilbert Tuhabonye to the mountains of Burundi in East Africa to see first-hand how the efforts of the Gazelle Foundation are improving lives.


Blanton Museum of Art | 50th Anniversary

For years, The Blanton had traditionally approached their bi-annual fundraising push, and then they came to Electro-Fish to re-think the approach for the 50th Anniversary.  Electro-Fish worked with museum leadership to sculpt authentic messaging for the effort and also produced a short film that is more akin to the art in the museum than a traditional request for support.