Take the Brand Quiz!

  1. Can you state in one sentence, the single, primary message of your company, brand, service or organization?  
  2. If you immediately spouted out one clear sentence, you're ahead of the game.  Now let us ask you this: Would every employee, customer or constituent spout out the same idea in one sentence when asked about your organization?
  3. Finally: Does that thought or concept really have true meaning to anyone who would hear it?

If you answered YES! to all three questions, let's hang out and do some awesome projects for your brand.

But the reality is that most organizations - regardless of size - answer (or mumble) NO to at least one of these questions.

That's where the Thought side of Electro-Fish Thought & Motion comes in; we move you to three solid YES's.

Why does YES  matter?

Ultimately, your audience has the last say when it comes to your brand.  If you don't provide them (and everyone else) with a roadmap, you are rolling the dice with your identity and value in the marketplace.

Some pitfalls of moving forward without a strong brand roadmap:

  • You miss infinite opportunities for your customers or constituents to market and advertise for you, because they're not really sure what to say about you to other people
  • Your organization's and employees' actions do not match its ideals, because the people in it have trouble discerning the most important guiding principal from the list of dozens with which they're routinely hit.  Inevitable result - dissatisfied or confused customers
  • You are less likely to win tie breakers when competing for dollars with your competition
  • Perhaps worst of all... your organization is simply forgettable

How does Electro-Fish get us to three YES's?

Electro-Fish is a firm completely geared around three core priniples:

  • Creativity
  • Messaging
  • Authenticity

We live it, breathe it and sleep it.  Our entire careers have been geared toward helping you distill your identity and share it with the world, whether it's through strategy or one of our films.  We do this by really getting to know the heart of your organization, regardless of its size.

This plays out in several different ways - based on what's best for each organization - but it always begins with a simple conversation where we listen and ask questions.  From there, we propose a sequence of activities custom-designed to get you to three YES's as quick as possible. Rather than us coming in and telling you what you need to become, we work from what you already are by nature and present a creative message to solidify that to the rest of the world.

In the process, you get to see how the world previously viewed you and where you can begin creating and converting sales opportunities you were missing. The process is an absolute blast and actually feels extremely therapeutic.  Here are some of the outcomes:

  • Identification of a singular, primary brand message that is authentic to who your organization actually is
  • Creative way to share your brand message
  • Ability to stand out from your competition in a notable way
  • Harmonization of employees around singular message and objective
  • Recommendations of which actions or messages to cease because they are contrary to your brand (think of this as going from a buffet to a refined, purposeful menu)
  • Enlistment of customers and constituents as brand ambassadors and sales referrals
  • Palette of awesome creative ideas for marketing/advertising projects and materials
  • Recommendations for other operational changes to better support your brand identity

How soon can we start?

We love that enthusiasm.  Getting started is easy, regardless of whether you represent a large or small organization.  It just takes a quick first phone call to 512-351-7133.  Ask for one of our principals, Chris Elley or Cile Spelce, and you know you'll be in good hands.

If it's more convenient, you can submit a web form, and we'll call you.