Branded Documentary

Electro-Fish Thought & Motion adheres to three core principles:

  • Creativity
  • Messaging
  • Authenticity

With one of the most talented teams anywhere from the worlds of branding and TV/Film, branded documentary is like our candy shop.

We're not talking about corporate video; plenty of other people do that.  We're talking about unleashing our team of creatives on film with a purpose for your brand.  We allow our team to work with the same gusto and enthusiasm as they would in our Television and Film work, and we do it all on the foundation of our Branding and Messaging work.

When should you call Electro-Fish? When the outcome of your effort or campaign is critical.

You may need to generate attention well above and beyond the usual.  You may need to raise money. You may need an audience to see and feel an idea in a way they never imagined.  You may need someone to say YES.  That's when you know that this time you need an elite team of film and messaging commandos that can capture an idea in a way you never dreamed... in a way that is authentic, unscripted and credible.

Here's a sampling of some Electro-Fish branded documentaries:


Campaign for Texas | 
University of Texas at Austin / GSD&M

Rather than deliver the traditional fundraising video of scripted talking heads, Electro-Fish authentically interviewed leaders in UT's efforts, as well as visionary community leaders and donors. Through a very intensive process we tapped into the real motivations and passions of those involved. This piece was a landmark in UT's effort to raise $3 Billion.


Gilbert Tuhabonye | Explore God

Electro-Fish Thought & Motion was asked to create a template for real-life testimonials told in a compelling way. In this example, genocide-survivor and runner Gilbert Tuhabonye connects his love for running to God's miraculous sparing of his life in an unimaginable situation.


Get Lost in Loudoun | VisitLoudoun

For years, we've been working with VisitLoudoun to promote Loudoun County, Virginia just outside of Washington, DC. Electro-Fish has produced dozens of branded documentaries throughout the county. In this particular project, we produced a docu competition series that led four competitors across Loudoun, doing everything from whitewater rafting to pottery-making. View the GET LOST IN LOUDOUN trailer to the left, or visit the official web site for full episodes.


Spring for the Water | Gazelle Foundation

Electro-Fish traveled with Gilbert Tuhabonye to the mountains of Burundi in East Africa to see first-hand how the efforts of the Gazelle Foundation are improving lives.


Hurricane Ike Response | Farmers Insurance

Many times, Farmers Insurance has turned to Electro-Fish Thought & Motion to provide real-world documentaries of their efforts responding to disasters. Electro-Fish crews have embedded with Farmers CAT(catastrophe) Teams who routinely arrive in disaster areas before infrastructure of other emergency crews. The films have been turned around so quickly that Farmers support teams working call and operation centers 24/7 in other parts of the country can immediately see the effect of their work on the ground in the disaster-stricken area.

In this example, the Electro-Fish crew embeds with the Farmers CAT team punching into Hurricane Ike, one of the largest and most destructive storms in U.S. history.